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How to register sdn bhd company in Malaysia?

When you have decided to register a company in Malaysia, you will need to engage the service of a company secretary to help you to complete the company registration process.

Every company (sdn bhd) must have at least one company secretary in the Board and the company secretary must be a member of a professional body or licensed by SSM Malaysia. 

What is sdn bhd in Malaysia?

Sdn Bhd stands for Sendirian Berhad and is private limited company in Malaysia. All locally incorporated companies must carry with “Sdn Bhd”, and for public company, with “Bhd” or “Berhad” only.

Currently, most companies in Malaysia are only allowed to be incorporated limited by shares. It means a company formed with its shareholders’ liabilities limited by capital that invested in the company.

What are the advantages of having new sdn bhd in Malaysia?

It is important to know the benefits and advantages of having new sdn bhd company  in Malaysia before making any decision.

The following are the advantages of having new sdn bhd company in Malaysia: 

What are the yearly charges to maintain a sdn bhd company?

It is important to know the yearly charges to be spent on maintaining a sdn bhd company before making decision to register sdn bhd company in Malaysia.

First of all, every company (sdn bhd) needs to hold an AGM (annual general meeting) every year. You are required to submit annual return and audited financial statements (audited accounts/reports) to SSM within one month from the date AGM held. 

How to close a company in Malaysia?

If you are no longer need the company in Malaysia and do not wish to continue incurring costs to maintain the company, the best way is to close down the company.

In order to close a company in Malaysia, there are two ways to do so:

  1. Strike Off
  2. Winding Up (Members’ Liquidation) 

Does new Company need to pay income tax?

Many of our clients has asked us this question after they have successfully registered their new company: Are they required to pay any income tax for new company?

The answer is NO!

You do not need to pay income tax for registering new company! The company will only need to pay income tax if they are making profit from the sales that generated by the company.

How to transfer shares in a company?

It is very common to transfer shares in the company by a shareholder nowaday, it is rather very easy and straight forward.

All you need to do is to inform the company secretary of your company that you would like to transfer your shares to another person.

Why and How to increase paid-up or issued capital?

The paid-up or issued capital are capital used for working capital requirement purposes and there are time from time you may want to increase your company’s capital to higher level due to whatever reasons.

5 Main Reasons you want to increase your company’s paid-up capital

Can new company open bank account? How?

Yes, all new company will be able to open bank account with any bank in Malaysia, subject to respective bank’s policies and requirements in the opening bank account application.

Generally, the following are required for the company to open current account with any bank in Malaysia: 

Major Problems Faced By Foreigners in Registering Malaysia Company

The major problems faced by the foreigners who intends to register company in Malaysia are as follows:

  1. You need at least 1 director residing in Malaysia to register company in Malaysia
  2. Foreign investors cannot open company’s bank account
  3. Foreign investors cannot apply business visa/working permit under new company
  4. Foreign investors may not able to increase his/her company’s paid-up capital
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